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"in Moulay Yacoub, become the actor of your health."
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Global Health Take care of your most valuable asset : your health

Wellness & Beauty
as the expression of your health

Take care of your most valuable asset : your health

Life expectancy is increasing, but life expectancy whilst still enjoying good health is on the decrease. Maintaining your vital capital throughout your life is therefore a paramount challenge. But how can you do this?

The answer lies at the heart of Vichy Thermalia Health Centre's "Global Health" concept. The care-treatments which are provided at the Vichy Thermalia Health Centre were inspired by Vichy thermal medecine and all of our practitioners have been trained in Vichy (France). Our philosophy is to consider the individual as a whole whilst integrating more and more new and natural methods in our health practices. We also believe that it is crucial to take care of you health not only in a curative way, but also in a preventive way. To do that, the VICHY THERMALIA SPA HÔTEL (Moulay Yacoub - Morocco) offers you not only a Health Centre, but also spaces dedicated to well-beingg, beauty and anti-ageing.

Our facilities mean to constitute a place which invites you to relaxation and well-being, but also to open-minded dialogue and reflection. For us, it is important to take care not only of your body, but also to help you gain more self-confidence and reduce stress.

Our approach of your health is global, but it is also individual and it is based on the renowned Vichy-Method. This approach is Preventive, Predictive, Personalized and Participatory.

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