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"in Moulay Yacoub, become the actor of your health."
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Morocco, Fez and its region Discover an exceptional travel destination!

A gateway to Africa and a country of great cultural diversity

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Visit Fez and its medina

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A region rich in beautiful contrasts!

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Morocco : an exceptional travel destination

Only the name of Morocco made us think about Marrakech, Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, and so on. All these towns are rich of history, and have an amazing architectural and cultural patrimony! We can find a lot of palaces, and their luxurious gardens, their medinas full of tourists, or their animated souks with many perfumes of spices.

But Morocco is as well a city with an inimitable way of life. Morrocans have a true sense of reception, and their country is offering so many beautiful landscapes between the see and the moutains. The nature lovers will find there so many possibilities for walking in many different locations : lakes,  plains or oasis.

The balneology is nowadays playing a very important role in the activity tourists are looking for when they come in Morocco (effectively because of the traditional Hammam or the thalassotherapy). Finally, the unique weather of Morocco is sufficient to make this country a perfect place to find relaxation during holidays.