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"in Moulay Yacoub, become the actor of your health."
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Moulay Yacoub & Morocco Discover Moulay Yacoub, the city of Fez and its region

The aknowledged virtues of Moulay Yacoub thermal water

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Historical cities and preserved natural landscapes

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Discover the Fez Royal 18-Hole Golf course and unwind at our luxurious Spa.

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Fez-Meknès region, Morocco. Find us on Google maps.

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The village of Moulay Yacoub, located 20 km from the imperial city of Fez in a preserved natural setting, is an inviting place to relax. The landscapes of the Middle Atlas, give longing for meditative walks.

Moulay-Yacoub owes above all its reputation for the virtues of its thermal water. The water of Moulay Yacoub is indeed an integral part of the Moroccan culture and each year, no less than a million visitors go to the Thermal Baths to enjoy the soothing, purifying and remineralizing benefits of this almost miraculous water . Another milestone in Moulay Yacoub is the tomb of the holy Lalla Chafia, the healing virgin and daughter of Moulay Yacoub, buried at the top of the mountain. Lalla Chafia is the subject of special devotion from women with fertility problems. 

The village of Moulay-Yacoub is often associated with Sultan Abou Yacoub Ben Youssef, who lived in 591 hegira year, and was traditionally cured by water from this source.

Who is interested in Moroccan culture will appreciate the proximity of the imperial city of Fez, located only 20 km from Moulay Yacoub. Founded in the 8th century. Fez is particularly noteworthy for its medina, the ancient city classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, which is the largest and best preserved in the kingdom. Visit Fez to discover an exceptionally rich heritage, an authentic craftsman (including ceramics, marquetry and leather work) and a warm and festive atmosphere. The medina is largely pedestrian and its souks invite to stroll.

If you wish to visit Fez, you will also appreciate the public gardens - especially the botanical garden Jnan Sbil - which offer relaxation and serenity. You will discover the most beautiful plants typical of Morocco but also many exotic species and you can refresh yourself at leisure near the fountains while enjoying the delicate fragrance of orange blossoms.