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Natural springs and thermal baths The aknowledged virtues of Moulay Yacoub thermal water

Thermal water in Morocco

Morocco counts 117 different thermal springs, which lie in 6 distinct thermal zones throughout the country: the North-East, the Rif, the Southern Rif, the Centre, the High Atlas, Middle Atlas and Anti-Atlas-Sahara.

However, among these 117 types of thermal water, only 29 have been scientifically analysed as far as their chemical composition and potential medical effects are concerned.

At this time, there are 6 genuine thermal centres in Morocco: Abayou, Ain Allah, Ain Salama, Fezouane, Sidi Harazem and, of course, Moulay Yacoub, which is the largest and most visited in the country.


Moulay Yacoub thermal spring

Specificities and medical effects

The water of Moulay Yacoub is hyperthermal and particularly rich in mineral salts and Sulphur, but also in Natrium, Calcium and Magnesium.

The water originates at a depth of 1500m and streams under the ground at a depth of 1.6 to 6 km. It is very hot at its spring (54°C) but it is cooled down to 38°C before being used in our Thermal Centre.

Moulay-Yacoub water is especially recommended in rheumatology, against Ear, Nose & Throat conditions and also in dermatology and as a treatment against chronic pains. Furthermore, Moulay Yacoub water is renowned for its soothing and relaxing virtues, all the more since the unspoilt setting of Moulay Yacoub, free of pollution and everyday stress, is in itself a genuine invitation to relaxation.

In the field of rheumatology, Moulay Yacoub thermal water contributes to treating arthritis and chronic tendinitis.

As far as ENT is concerned, it is used as a treatment against rhinitis, rhino-sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, as well as broncho-pulmonary conditions.

In the field of dermatology, Moulay Yacoub thermal water is relevant as part of psoriasis treatment, but also burn aftereffects, certain types of acne and neurodermatitis.

Ionic composition

Ca+ + (Calcium)

1,125 mg/L

Na+ (Natrium)

9,400 mg/L

Mg++ (Magnesium)

325 mg/L

K+ (Potassium)

 332 mg/L

CL – (Chlorine)

17,600 mg/L

HCO3- (Bicarbonate)

179 mg/L

SIO3-  (Silicate)

41,8 mg/L

SO4- (Sulphate)

36 mg/L

This thermal water can be considered as sea water complemented with Sulphur,
explains Dr Raouf Belefqih, Senior physician in Moulay Yacoub.

Moulay Yaboub thermal water’s high temperature has sedative, analgesic and anti-contracture effects which are particularly useful when treating rheumatisms. Sodium chlorine has antiseptic and anti-oedematous virtues.

The significant dose of Sulphur (33mg/L) has a vasodilator, antiseptic and sedative action and also helps regulating the sebum. Cf “Thermalism and ENR conditions”, Abane IBTISAM, MD thesis, Fez University, 2011.

“When psoriasis is treated early, Moulay Yacoub thermal water brings very good results”, says Dr Raouf Belefqih. “The chemical specificities of the water have notable effects on the quality of psoriasic skins. It eliminates scales. Furthermore, since Moulay-Yacoub thermal water is very slightly radioactive, it has amazing anti-inflammatory virtues.”

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