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Back and joints care treatments Exclusive care treatments using high-tech devices and Moulay Yacoub thermal water


Everyone of us suffers from back pain at one point, but it can have a large variety of causes: osteoarthritis, sprain, trauma, postural problems, etc.

In order to treat this particular problem, the VICHY THERMALIA SPA HÔTEL (Moulay Yacoub – Morocco) offers you exclusive care treatments, also perfectly adapted to high-level athletes who wish to optimise their overall physical condition, and who reach higher results, and want to gain more mobility and avoid injuries.

During your stay, you will be offered wellness care treatments and massages which allow your back to relax, combined with muscle-building and stretching sessions. To do so, a Satisform® center is made available for you. Satisform® devices have gained a recognised expertise in high performance sport but also in treating muscle and joint pain. Our Satisform® center features for instance the ZENDOS, a device aimed at inducing relaxation through a slow rocking motion, but also the MOBIDOS, an ergo-dynamic seat designed to enhance spine and pelvis mobility. The DOABDO is meant to stretch the dorsal and lumbar muscles and is especially recommended in cases of herniated discs, whereas the QUADRISCHIO provides a stretching of quadriceps, psoas and hamstrings and improves amplitude of the hips and knees.

Please note that a physiotherapist will be there to assist you and provide advice at any time.

We offer you to enjoy the benefits of the shock waves, by using high technologie, with the Sonopuls 190 and the Endopuls 811. These shock waves go directly to the painful zones, and they will stimulate your metabolism and you blood flow. It is necessary to precise that this use of shock waves is totally painless.

Then, the VICHY THERMALIA SPA HÔTEL (Moulay Yacoub – Morocco) invites you to indulge in our thermal pools and hammams and treat yourself with our thermal water care treatments, so that you can fully benefit from the easing and soothing qualities of Moulay-Yacoub mineral water.

At the end of your stay, your pain will have considerably decreased and you will possess new keys that will improve your quality of life.

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