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The executives of Moulay Yacoub in Vichy!
One week in Vichy to discover a brand and a know-how

During the last week of October, the fourteen executives of the future VICHY THERMALIA SPA HOTEL (Moulay Yacoub - Morocco) came to discover the VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA HÔTEL (Vichy - France), a 5-star hotel and its 7500 sqm medical Spa. During this week, the team discovered the values of the brand before the openinf of the hotel in Moulay Yacoub.

an immersion of one week for the team of moulay yacoub


This week was organised to introduce the future managers to the Vichy know-how and the importance to understand and apply the brand's standards.

Thus, the executives alternated during all the week between training, team building and discovery of Vichy city and its surroundings.

The Doctor, the Spa Manager, the General Manager and all the other executives were able to discover the many facilities of Vichy: its history, water and mud production. They also visited the pastillery and the bottle bottling plant of the Vichy Célestins mineral water bottles.

During this immersion, the executives were asked to define their own values of the brand, and to transmit them to their team in Moulay Yacoub.