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"in Moulay Yacoub, become the actor of your health."
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Ear, Nose and Throat care treatments Exclusive care treatments for ENT conditions

ENT Health programme

Discover our exclusive care treatments based on the thermal water of moulay yacoub

During a cure contract of 2 weeks, we propose you to meet our ENT specialist doctor, who will decide which treatments are the best and the most suitables to your needs and your pathology.

Benefits of the Thermal water of Moulay-Yacoub are noteworthy during the treatments of rhinitis, rhino-sinusitis, tonsillitis, and so on. The otitis coul be treated with some care treatments made from the Thermal water of Moulay Yacoub.

Our doctor will recommend you some treatments:

  • Aerosols: thermal water or gas is used to cleanse or unblock the respiratory tract.
    Among the aerosols, sonic aerosols provide a deeper and more efficient water spread (especially in the sinuses) using periodical sonic pulses.
  • Nasal irrigation: thermal water is injected directly into the nasal cavities, in order to cleanse the nasal canals.
  • Gargles and local baths

The different techniques used as part of your health programme are meant to allow your body to benefit fully from the cleansing, healing and antiseptic qualities of Moulay Yacoub water. These characteristics are largely attributable to the presence of Sulphur in the water.

The presence of fluorine, silica and arsenic makes Moulay Yacoub water also efficient in treating allergies.Your immune system too can benefit from Moulay Yacoub water because sulphur boosts the activity of mast cells, making you more resistant towards ENR diseases.

At the end of your ENT health programme at Moulay Yacoub, you will notice a decrease of your pains, of your consumption of medicine, and you will notice that you are psychologically better than before.