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private sales
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Satisform center



The anti backache center Satisform® offers you various ergonomic devices and equipment with a recognized expertise in the high-level sports environment, such as SATISFORM, ZENDOS, MOBIDOS, DOABDO or the QUADRISCHIO. These devices will help you, under the supervision of a physiotherapist, to relax the painful areas and then relax and strengthen the muscle groups involved.
ZENDOS provides deep muscle relaxation with a gentle rocking motion. The MOBIDOS is designed to develop the mobility of the basin. The DOABDOS allows a dorso-lumbar stretch particularly recommended in case of herniated disc. Finally, the QUADRISCHIO allows a stretching of all the muscles of the leg, which promotes a gain in amplitude of movements of the pelvis, hips and knees.

  • Private session with a coach : 30 min  450 MAD
  • Actives packs session (in group) : 30 min  150 MAD