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"in Moulay Yacoub, become the actor of your health."
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Célestins complexion programme by Laboratoires Vichy From 3 days & 3 nights A beauty programme combining the efficiency of Laboratoires Vichy care treatments and the virtues of Moulay Yacoub thermal water.

Célestins complexion programme by Laboratoires Vichy

A full course beauty programme dedicated to your skin using skin care treatments by Laboratoires Vichy.

This Spa break at the VICHY THERMALIA SPA HÔTEL MOULAY YACOUB - FEZ - MOROCCO is specifically meant for those of you looking for a beautiful complexion. High standard beauty care treatments by Laboratoires Vichy are combined with balneotherapy routines using Moulay Yacoub thermal water. As a result, your face and body shall get intense hydration, regeneration and protection against stress and pollution. 

Every day, you will be offered a Trilogy of “Signature” care treatments using Moulay Yacoub thermal water and its relaxing, soothing and purifying effects. These care treatments are inspired by the medical expertise of Vichy thermal centre (France) and are composed by a Hydromassage Bath, a Phyto-mineral Mud wrap and a Vichy thermal water shower with 2 hand massage. The Hydromassage Bath is made of a multitude of massaging jets which help relax your legs and back. After this, you will be invited to lie down on a heated water bed while the mineralising Mud wrap relaxes your muscles and even provides an antalgic effect. Finally, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our pleasantly warm Vichy thermal water shower accompanied by a deeply relaxing massage

In order for you to get a radiant skin and a beautiful complexion, you will be invited to discover our Vichy Mineral 89 line of products. These beauty care treatments contain 89 % Vichy mineral water, hyaluronic acid and antioxidant active ingredients for a deep hydration of your skin. The routine Vichy Mineral 89  will help your skin resist stress, fatigue and pollution.After receiving a personalised Skin Diagnosis, you will also be invited to discover the facial steamer Aluvap which provides a delicate peeling and a high-frequency cleansing of your skin. The device helps relax your facial muscles and brightens your complexion

Since we believe that beauty is also a matter of physical activity, we offer you during your beauty programme a daily sport session in our pool or in our fitness room. These exercises boost the circulatory system, including lymph circulation.

Detail of your stay

accommodation & meal

  • Standard room with 31-33 m2

Options and services

  • Useful information for your stay: useful information: Vichy Thermalia Spa opening and closing hours, children's policy, car parking, ... 
  • Complimentary services: Luggage service; Free access to the indoor and outdoor hotel swimming pool (according to opening hours) ; Free WiFi ; Car parking outside and underground.
  •  Payable options and services : 
    • Types of hotel rooms: single or double, Deluxe room (40 m²), Deluxe Suite (80 m²) or Suite with terrace.
    • Consults with our specialists : Medical doctor, Physiotherapist,...
    • Hotel lounge bar "Les Célestins" : We recommend you to try our home health cocktails.
    • Optional half board or full board at the hotel's restaurant "Le Minéral"

treatments programme


Acoording to the Vichy Method

From 3 days & 3 nights


  • 1 Trilogy of "Signature" treatments with Moulay Yacoub thermal water, every day: Hydromassage bath with Moulay Yacoub thermal water ; 1 Phyto-mineral Mud Wrap; 1 Vichy thermal water shower and a 2 hand massage 
  • 1 Expert Care Treatment, every day : alternatively "Vichy Minéral 89" ritual including a perfumed bath ; Skin Diagnosis ; Anti-ageing care treatment with Aluvap®, Hands & Feet softness and beauty care
  • 1 Aquasport or Fitness session every day
  • 1 Thermal Centre Pass : free and unlimited access to our Spa and Fitness facilities


  • Special offer for your care treatment programme: -10% discount on any supplementary "à la carte" care treatments.
1 871 MAD

  • 1 066 MAD per person per day excluding accommodation
  • 1 871 MAD per person per day half board in a double room