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"in Moulay Yacoub, become the actor of your health."
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Slimming programme From 6 days & 6 nights Lose weight progressively and sustainably.


We are glad to welcome you at the VICHY THERMALIA SPA HÔTEL Moulay Yacoub - FEZ - Morocco for a stay dedicated to successful and sustainable weight loss.

The purpose of this cure is to help you to re-balance your body, shape your silhouette, manage your difficulties in losing weight and to promote change in the longer term. 

At the beginning of your slimming cure, you will be offered a dietetic consultation. This consultation will allow to determine which specific care treatments suit you the best. Personalised and healthy dietetic menus will also be designed for you.

During your slimming cure, you’ll be offered a daily Trilogy of “Signature” treatments using Moulay Yacoub thermal water. These treatments consist of a Hydromassage bath with Moulay Yacoub mineral water + a phyto-mineral Mud wrap + Vichy Thermal water shower with 2 hand massage.

Also on a daily basis, we propose different hi-tech Expert care treatments. You will discover for instance the Iyashi Dôme®, a Japanese sudation care treatment, the Berthollaix®, which uses thermal water steam to soothe your muscles, the Watermass®, which associates the benefits of thermal water and chromotherapy and improves body tone and firmness, etc.

As part of your thinness programme, you will be able to discover different types of sports in group classes, e.g. : Aquasports & Fitness. We believe that this is a way for you to regain confidence in your own body.

As far as Aquasport is concerned, you will notice that water keeps you from tiring as easily, meaning you can exercise for longer which results in better fitness gains. Practicing sports in the water also protects your body from any muscle injury and helps to treat cellulite. A session at our Satisform® Centre is also planned as a part of your programme. Satisform® devices have gained a recognised expertise in high performance sport but also in treating muscle and joint pain. Our centre features for instance the ZENDOS, a device aimed at inducing relaxation through a slow rocking motion, but also the MOBIDOS, the DOABDO and the QUADRISCHIO for a complete workout of your whole body.

 During your thinness programme, you will have the opportunity to try our “Health, Taste and Pleasure” Menu at the hotel’s restaurant "Le Minéral".

Numerous scientific studies have proven that stress has a direct influence on weight gain. Cortisol (the “stress hormone”) seems to be playing a major role, causing the body to store fat. Therefore, we do our best to organize relaxing stays, so that you can completely let go and make the best of your care treatments. 

Detail of your stay

accommodation & meal

  • Superior room with view 31-33 m2
  • Personalised meal plan with half board

Options and services

  • Useful information for your stay: useful information: Vichy Thermalia Spa opening and closing hours, children's policy, car parking, ... 
  • Complimentary services: Luggage service ; Free access to the indoor and outdoor hotel swimming pool (according to opening hours) ; Free WiFi ; Car parking outside and underground.
  •  Payable options and services
    • Types of hotel rooms: single or double, Deluxe room (40 m²), Deluxe Suite (80 m²) or Suite with terrace.
    • Consults with our specialists: Medical doctor, Physiotherapist,...
    • Hotel lounge bar "Les Célestins": We recommend you to try our home health cocktails.
    • Half board at the hotel's restaurant "Le Minéral"

treatments programme


According to the Vichy Method

From 6 days & 6 nights

  • 1 Dietetetic Consult 
  • 1 Trilogy of "Signature" treatments with Moulay Yacoub thermal water, every day: Hydromassage bath with Moulay Yacoub thermal water alternating every other day with an invigorating jet shower ; 1 Phyto-mineral Mud Wrap; 1 Vichy thermal water shower and a 2 hand massage 
  • 1 Expert care treatment every dayIyashi Dôme® ; Watermass® ; Berthollaix® ; Draining Massage
  • Progressive and regular physical activities: 1 Individual sports coaching session, 2 Group Sports classes (Aqua Sport and Fitness) ;  1 Session at the Satisform® Center
  • Thermal Center Pass: free and unlimited acces to our Spa and Fitness facilities


  • Special offer for your care treatment programme: -10% discount on any supplementary "à la carte" care treatments
1 760 MAD

  • 1 025 MAD per person per day excluding accommodation
  • 1 760 MAD per person per day half board in a double room