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"in Moulay Yacoub, become the actor of your health."

Well-being cure From 4 days & 4 nights Relax through the benefits of Moulay Yacoub thermal water care treatments.

Well-being cure

We will be happy to welcome you at the VICHY THERMALIA SPA HÔTEL Moulay Yacoub - FEZ – Morocco for a unique Well-being cure which will relax you and get you in shape.

We invite you to treat your body with the benefits of Moulay Yacoub thermal water which is rich in magnesium, bicarbonate, calcium and sulphur and therefore improves not only rheumatologic and respiratory conditions, but also the balance and beauty of your skin.

During your Well-being cure, you will be offered an overall approach on health which will allows you to unwind and get rid of cumulative fatigue. To do so, your stay will begin by a medical consult aimed at defining your specific health needs. You will then enjoy a daily Trilogy of “Signature” treatments with Moulay Yacoub thermal water. These treatments consist of a Hydromassage bath with Moulay Yacoub mineral water + a Phyto-mineral Mud wrap + Vichy Thermal water shower with 2 hand massage.

All the practitioners were trained in Vichy (France) and have learnt the specific Vichy thermal treatment protocols: a well-known expertise which combines wellness practices and the benefits of thermal water.

For even more efficiency, we also offer you various hi-tech Expert care treatments on a daily basis. You will discover for instance the Berthollaix®, an exclusive protocol which uses thermal water steam in order to soothe your muscles, the Lombar jet shower, the Chest massaging shower and our Hands & feet ritual. Furthermore, your thermal cure includes 2 group class of Watersport in our pool, or a fitness group class. Then, this cure includes a personal coaching and 2 sessions in our Satisform® Center. Our Satisform® center features for instance the ZENDOS, a device aimed at inducing relaxation through a slow rocking motion, but also the MOBIDOS, an ergo-dynamic seat designed to enhance spine and pelvis mobility. The DOABDO is meant to stretch the dorsal and lumbar muscles and is especially recommended in cases of herniated discs, whereas the QUADRISCHIO provides a stretching of quadriceps, psoas and hamstrings and improves amplitude of the hips and knees.

During your thermal cure, you will also be invited to improve your dietary habits. To do so, please try our “Health, Taste and Pleasure” Menu at our restaurant! The absolute “must taste”: our “Signature” meals, which are cooked using Vichy-Célestins mineral water.

Detail of your stay

accommodation & meal

  • Standard room of 31-33 m2

Options and services

  • Useful information for your stay: useful information: Vichy Thermalia Spa opening and closing hours, children's policy, car parking, ... 
  • Complimentary services: Luggage service ; Free access to the indoor and outdoor hotel swimming pool (according to opening hours) ; Free WiFi ; Car parking outside and underground.
  •  Payable options and services: 
    • Types of hotel rooms: single or double, Deluxe room (40 m²), Deluxe Suite (80 m²) or Suite with terrace.
    • Consults with our specialists: Thermal Doctor, Physiotherapist,...
    • Breakfast only or half board (breakfast and dinner) in our restaurant "Le Minéral".

    • Hotel lounge bar "Les Célestins": We recommend you to try our home health cocktails.

treatments programme


According to the Vichy Method

From 4 days & 4 nights

  • 1 Medical consultation
  • Trilogy of "Signature" treatments with Moulay Yacoub thermal water, every day : Hydromassage bath with the Moulay Yacoub thermal water ; 1 Phyto-mineral Mud Wrap ; 1 Vichy thermal water shower + 2 hand massage 
  • 1 Expert care treatment of 50 min every day, which you can adapt to your needs and desires
  • Progressive and regular physical activity : 2 group class of aquasport or fitness
  • 1 personal coaching
  • 2 sessions at the Satisform® center
  • Thermal Centre Pass : free and unlimited acces to our Spa and Fitness facilities


  • Special offer for your care treatment programme: -10% discount on any supplementary "à la carte" care treatments
2 193 MAD

  • 1 388 MAD per person per day excluding accommodation
  • 2 193 MAD per person per day half board in a double room